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Introduction & Overview

I enjoy keeping this species because it is extremely fun to watch them trail to foods. Short winged Vollenhovia emeryi also clones, which is another reason why I keep them. Some challenges you may face when keeping this species is dying from too little hydration, escaping from too little feeding, them carrying their dead constantly without making a trash pile, and them always pulling at the cotton in test tube setups. I would recommend this species for anyone who likes medium sized ants that do not need sugars often.

Common Name


Queen Size

5 mm

Worker Size

3 mm


Beginner Friendly

🛠️ Help Requested

Help text

Queen Identification

Identification Key |

1. double jointed petioles

2. red and black

3. 3mm workers and 5mm queens

4. flat looking

5. found in pa-northeast va

6. can be mistaken for other vollenhovia species in its native region

Founding setup

no special care required


Room temperature


high humidity

if they move away, it is too hot

if they move towards the heat, then they want more of it

if they shrivel up and die, it's too dry

if they move to the driest spot in their nest, it's too wet

Time to first workers

6 weeks egg-worker unheated

Sensitivity concerns


this species usually founds by budding

Tubs and tubes

no special care required


no special care required


nobody keeps this species except for me, berb, and otter


Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this care sheet.

Vollenhovia emeryi

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