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Introduction & Overview

This species is a extremely entertaining species to keep! They are active all during the day and will forage for seeds. One great pro to this species is that they are granivores, and require little to no insects at all. In my own experience, workers only take around 35-40 days to go from egg to worker! They do unfortunately get very stressed over vibrations. They are large and can not climb glass, which makes it very easy to house them. If you do enough research, this could be a great ant.

Common Name

Western Harvester Ants

Queen Size

Worker Size

6 mm


Fully Claustral
Semi Claustral

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Queen Identification

Identification Key |

Founding setup


85f (29c) with a heat gradient (can go up to 90f (32c)


High humidity with a gradient

Always add a humid gradient and a temperature gradient! With my experience of keeping these, the ants usually prefer hot and humid enviroments. In the wild, the nests can go as far as 8 ft deep! (will add the link to the website where i got this info soon) and obviously the deeper = the more humid.

Time to first workers

Sensitivity concerns

Tubs and tubes



Final Thoughts

Pogonomyrmex occidentalis

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