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Image by Akhil suryajith


Free (with attribution) ant photos!

Photography and videography are absolutely critical for broadening not only the ant keeping hobbyist community but also the scientific myrmecological community!

Macro photography is generally unaccessible. Most people become interested in hobbies by seeing others enjoying them. Unfortunately, even though everybody has a camera in their pocket now days, the difficulty in finding and taking macro shots remains​. 


To this end, if we're able to put macro photography skills in the hands of people passionate about ants, we collectively become more capable of expressing what we love about our communities and sharing it with others.

Then, by creating a repository of images that anybody in the community may use freely, we're able to take it one step further. The impact of the photos donated becomes many folds greater. Your work may be attributed in scientific papers, newspapers, news websites, blogs, stores or any other number of places.

Our only stipulation is that any photos you use must be attributed! 

This is because it is important to us that we're able to help our community members by both making their work available and ensuring any opportunities that arise from their generosity are able to find them.

Please see our Photography Terms of Use page for license attribution requirements.

Typically, a simple "by [author] via" will suffice.

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