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Image by Akhil suryajith

Photography Terms

Terms of use

Only images contained within the gallery available on are released for use under the CC BY 4.0 license.


No other images on are licensed for use unless otherwise stated.

The content of the CC BY 4.0 license is available here:

Attribution required is as follows:

  1. The name or pseudonym provided by the uploader

  2. A link back to

Regarding display of attribution:

  • Preferable is name and link back under or by the photo, where applicable.

  • Summary of attribution at the bottom of your content or as a citation is also acceptable.

  • Example: By Soul via

For contributors

If you have found your images being used with attribution in a place you do not want it, under CC BY 4.0 anyone using your photos must comply with your request for removal of attribution, but they are not required to remove your photos under this license.

I am happy to remove any photos you have donated from our listing, just reach out to me (soul).

Regarding use by antscihub

Images which have been uploaded for use by antscihub are regarded as donations that may be used freely.

Where it makes sense to, I will do my best to provide attribution by name. Likewise, I am happy to refer anyone to you specifically, when asked. That said, for many elements such as banners it doesn't make sense stylistically to attribute you, which I ask your understanding for. All of the names of people who have donated images to ash will also be listed on our thank you page.

Photos donated may be used (further down the line) to raise funds for the site in the form of a book or other material goods. I'm very open with direction and discussion, and the plan is to double check with anyone that has donated images if the situation does arise.

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